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This is a more elaborated comission journal.

first off, i will Announce that i am Making animation comissions

anything goes, like, really! got something on your mind, an idea of a quick animation for a pony to do? choices includes pegasi, unicorn and earth ponies, your Original character, ponysona... or even a character from the show!
you can have an animation up to 3 seconds, or 72 frames for 25,00USD
note that the animation can loop indefinitely, and in this case i can either do a looped animation or a start-stop animation
you could be surprised how much things could be done on the 3 second /72 frames limit to 25USD And depending on the case, i could give away a second or more

Here are some examples

Filly i choose you by age3rcmtwilight bochecha VIP by age3rcmPony Trash dove by age3rcmcommision ryan kusic by age3rcm

If you want one more pony in the animation, add 15 USD to the queue, maikng it 40 USD for two characters

here is a good example of a exception that went over 3 seconds of content, and it got by the value of 25USD:
Comission - Aurelia charm by age3rcm

Saw an animation i have done and want your character on it?
For 15 Usd you can comission me to have that animation worked out to have your character on it, here's an example:

Danca 3 (reupload) by age3rcmFrom this to this: Comission: yoshiringo by age3rcm

Coloratura Hoofsie by age3rcmFrom this to this:commission for blanxdragon by age3rcm

please note that depending on the case, if i have to re animate the core parts of the animation i will charge the normal price

You could also comission me for your character to say a line!
Example, your character could look to the camera and say... BAZINGA!
or, for a better example of what i am offering about, you can check this animation i made here:
Voice voce acha que e possivel by age3rcm  Comission -  shadowphil666 by age3rcm

renember: you have to give me the audio file for this to work!

But, if what you have on your mind exceeds the 3 second mark and you think it would take 1minute, a little animation project then...
you can have me working on your little project at a 0,25 USD per frame, Details should be discussed


not interested on animation?
well i could provide you comissions of vector images too, for a price of 5,00 USD

Here are some examples of what i could do:

Comission - Aaron Crandall by age3rcmIRISH by age3rcmBlank Blackjack by age3rcm

with vectors, i could also offer a pack of vectors of the same character with 10 expressions/poses for 25 usd
here are examples:

commission - zmasterskull2 by age3rcm comission melemadness by age3rcm

All comissions will be paid via paypal
NSFW comissions are allowed, but will be posted at derpibooru

se você é :iconbrazilflagplz: 
eu posso fazer um preço especial para você
exemplo: aonde mostra que o valor de uma comissão for 25 dolares, eu faço por 60 reais
com uma calculadora de regra de 3 simples você pode calcular você mesmo o valor das outras opções

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